Are you suffering from trauma?

  • Difficulty focusing?

  • Are you feeling easily agitated or close to tears?

  • Are you having flashbacks that you can’t control?

  • Do you feel shame about what happened or that some how this is all your fault?

  • Have you tried counseling before and received little relief?

Trauma is incredibly difficult to recover from on your own.

It can be incredibly lonely and difficulty to go thru your life everyday with unresolved trauma. It is equally difficult to even describe to friends or family so they understand what you face each day.

Thousands of people suffer everyday from unresolved trauma. 

  • An estimated 24.4 million people have PTSD in this country at any given time.

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a condition that occurs with in the body. Often just talking about what has happened does not make the symptoms go away.

  • Thus a treatment modality that addresses how the memory of the event is stored in ones body is also necessary in order to offer one complete relief from the emotional and physical impacts of traumatic memories.

  • Traditional Talk therapy can be helpful to a point but the addition of EMDR or Somatic Sensing therapies that engage the bodies memory in healing produces the most successful relief to symptoms.

Healing from trauma is a process that is very individual for each person. 

  • But what is universal is a need for a therapy style that seeks to follow your needs and pace as the primary goal. An approach that address the need for trust and safety before addressing the actual traumatic events is essential.

  • Often trauma recovery models skip over this very essential element.

  • In your work with me you will experience genuine interest and concern for your well being and a desire to understand what your personal experience has been with in life and a traumatic event.

  • I will offer you options and choices the whole way thru the journey and I will never make the assumptions that I know what is best for you. Rather it is my goal help you guide your needs in each moment.

You can expect in your work with me to gain:

  • Greater understanding of what trauma is and why it can impact ones life so profoundly.

  • Understand where you are in your recovery and what you can do next to further your healing.

  • Learn the options for different approaches to your recovery at every stage

  • Learn tangible skills to help you cope and find relief from the memories and triggers in your life day to day.

  • Begin living a life you love

But you may still have some questions:

  • I have never told anyone that this happened to me what if you don’t believe me or my family does not believe me?

  • Talking about a traumatic event for the first time can be very scary. Everyone chooses in their own time when they are ready to talk about painful experiences in their life. Your word and desire to find relief from pain in your life is enough for me to believe you and begin providing you options for regaining health and happiness in your life.

  • What if I get overwhelmed?

  • When processing trauma your comfort is the priority. It is important not to move quickly when processing trauma in ones life. Thus great care and understanding is provided so that you feel safe. No progress can occur in recovery until safety is attained.

  • What if I decide I don’t want to do it anymore?

  • It is very important that your trauma recovery be on your own time. Everyones path looks different. You get to decide when to start and stop. You being in control of your healing is an essential element to your healing.


  • Trauma recover has a few stages.

  • At the very minimum you will learn skills to help cope day to day with the impact of triggers and flashbacks or irritability.

  • These skills are an important first step in feeling that control is possible. These skills can be enough to ease the impact on you day to day.

  • There are many ways to heal trauma I will provide you the options and you will choose what you are most responsive too. Trauma recovery is not a straight line.

  • Your timeline to recovery is your own but if you stick with it you will find your way to a life that feels more rewarding and manageable to live with.

If you are ready to begin your healing process I look forward to hearing from you. I offer a Free 15 min phone consult to discuss your situations and discover your options. Follow this link to schedule a time for us to meet.