Are you worried about your Teen Daughter Or Son? Is your relationship strained? Full of conflict?

Do you wonder…

  • How is he or she coping with the changes in her life? Can she handle all that societal and peer pressure?

  • Is he depressed? Is she using drugs? Is he having sex?

  • Is the fighting between you two helping or do you feel it is just pulling you further apart?

Parenting a teen is overwhelming.

  • The tears. The fighting. The eye rolling. These years can be an emotional minefield–for you, your teen, and your relationship with them.

  • What used to work no longer does.

  • It is not uncommon for parents to report that they no longer recognize who their child is anymore.

  • It is common to feel frustration about how to communicate and help your teen.

  • It is also common to feel confused and hurt that all your attempts to help improve a situation are meet with anger or resistance.

  • This is a time in their lives that is filled with so much opportunity that you want them to get the best out of this exciting phase of life.

  • It is also a time filled with equal amounts of vulnerability.

This stage of life for a teen is filled with many challenges socially emotionally and physically.

  • Their brains are growing and changing a rate faster than babies.

  • Their exposure to the world beyond your home is also expanding.

  • Your ability to protect them is diminishing and their desire to have you as intimately involved in their lives is also changing.

  • All the hormonal changes of this developmental age are also adding to the unexpected nature of their emotional reactions.

  • Then add on the complexities of the unlimited access to technology and most parents feel confused about what to do next.

  • All these factors make it very hard on parents to figure out how best to support their teen when they know their teen is struggling.

  • You can get back on track.

Teen Counseling

  • is very effective ways to support your goals of repairing your relationship with your teen or improving their mental health.

  • Teens are often eager to learn how to improve their emotion and communication skills and are quick learners.

  • Counseling for a teen individually allows them to express their needs and to an educated by a caring adult without the fear of disappointing their parents or creating more conflict in the home.

  • Often a teen benefits from a space to talk out their fears and concerns and then they can return to the family relationships and express their feeling and needs in a more productive way.

  • A teen will increase their emotional intelligence and vocabulary and learn skills to manage emotions that will help them their whole life time.

In our free 30 min initial consultation a teen will get the opportunity to meet with me with out fear of making a commitment to make sure our work together is something they would like to try out. If the teen is comfortable with it I can also meet with their parents to learn about the family system issues and concerns and help determine if individual or family therapy are best suited for the current challenges.

It is common for a teen to choose to work individually for some time and then transition into family therapy once they feel more skillful with their emotions and trusting of the counseling process.

While all teens work is held confidential, teens parents will have the opportunity to me to ask questions about the process and be provided parenting consultation, if that is comfortable for the teen client.

But you still may have some questions Counseling For Your Teen?

What will you gain from the counseling?

You will:

  • Understand why your teen is struggling + how you can help

  • Create a plan with multiple avenues of support

  • Improve communication with your teen

  • Feel relief knowing that your teen is getting support for the issues they’re facing

  • Feel more confident and in control as a parent

What if my teen doesn’t want to go to counseling?

Teens often fear that they must make a commitment to a process they no nothing about. I find that if a teen is asked to just go and meet a therapist with out having to commit to therapy they are more willing. They get to meet me learn a bit about the process and most importantly learn how counseling can really help them get their needs meet in their family and help them minimize conflict.

What if my teen’s problems are to complicated for therapy?

Outpatient therapy is a great way to head off a need for more intensive and expensive in-patient therapies. If a teen is wanting and willing to get support. Even some of the most difficult behavioral issues can be managed in an outpatient setting. Each teen is monitored closely and if their symptoms escalate beyond what can be managed by weekly counseling a referral to a more intensive treatment option will be offered.

Typical issues resolved in weekly face to face counseling are:

-depression -anxiety -panic attacks -self harm -suicidal ideations and urges -family conflict -anger management -social struggles/online and in person -divorce -self worth and body image

Get back on track today

If you would would like to discuss how to begin counseling and figure out if this is the right fit for you and your teen.
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- Josie Bohling, MFT