Six Signs Of Teenage Drug Use You May Be Missing

Six Signs Of Teenage Drug Use You May Be Missing

Do you ever ask this question?

Will my teen abuse or–even worse–become addicted to drugs or alcohol?

Be prepared to spot the six signs your teen may be using drugs by listening to the audio discussion below.

I recorded this discussion with my colleague, Uriah Guilford, MFT of (She also specializes in Adolescent and Family Counseling.)


Please remember that none of these signs stand alone as an indication of substance abuse. Rather, a combination of three or more of these signs indicate further investigation is needed.

If any of this information is relevant to your child’s life, I recommend you speak with a mental health professional for further consultation.

The six signs detailed below and referred to in the audio were drawn from an excellent website called Time to Act.


For a more in-depth description of each warning sign, I recommend visiting the site.

Six Signs Your Child May be Using Drugs

1. Behavioral Changes:
There is a significant change in their behaviors at home and at school. There is an increase in lying or cutting of classes or disregard for relationships with people they once valued.

2. Personal Appearance
There is a lack of care for their outward appearance or you notice physical signs of flushed cheeks, unaccounted-for injuries, marks of soot on finger tips, or wounds on their arms.

3. Personal Habits
There is a sudden change in habits. Some common examples are chewing gum frequently or needing to use eye drops. Perhaps they suddenly need more money or start going out every night or ignoring curfew. Maybe they have recently stopped making eye contact or started locking their bedroom door.

4. Health Issues
They are frequently sick. There is an increased report of feeling nauseous, headaches or unexplained sweatiness or vomiting.

5. School or Work Issues
There is a change in their school or work performance. There are behavioral issues reported from teachers.  They don’t do homework anymore or you notice a drop in grades or interest in activities, sports, or hobbies.

6. Home- or Car-Related Issues
There are things disappearing from your home like valuables, alcohol or medications. You may notice there are unusual smells in the house or car.