Josie Bohling, LMFT

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Support for Teens, Families and Trauma Recovery.

Teen and Family Counseling

Are you worried about your teen? Is your relationship strained? Filled with Conflict?

We are here to support you and your teen thru the challenges that naturally come with the teenage years so that you can return to the excitement of who they are becoming as a young adult.

Trauma Recovery

Are an adult who has suffered a trauma in your childhood or recently? Have you tried to get your life on track, but can’t stop memories from flooding back? Do you feel overwhelmed by sadness or anger that shows up with out warning?

We are here to help you recover from a traumatic life event so you can begin living your life free from the burden of those painful memories.


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TRauma Recovery counseling - Teen and Family Counseling

Meet Josie Bohling.

I am dedicated to creating hope and health, and supporting change in the lives of teens and adults through counseling.

When working with teens and families, my approach focuses on the avoidance of blame. Instead, I explore how the whole family is affected by the problems you are experiencing and identify how each member in the family can grow, so that you all can function more harmoniously.

When supporting individuals in healing from traumatic experiences. I use a gentle and client directed approach to support healing at the pace that is best for each individual. Healing from trauma is a very courageous act. Thus I honor any opportunity to support and witness someone thru this journey.

I use several proven methods of therapy including Family Systems, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Somatic Psychotherapy and EMDR for trauma and abuse recovery.

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