Empowering Your Daughter’s Expressions of Anger or Disapproval

Teen anger management

In The Curse of the Good Girl, Rachel Simmons writes at length about the cultural pressures that require a girl to always act nice and look cute. These pressures put girls in a bind because it is not always possible or appropriate to remain nice and cute when they, in fact, have a range of otherContinue Reading

Do You Cross the Line Between Mom and Friend?

teen daughters

Ideally, you and your daughter will spend quality time together throughout her teen years. You will laugh together more than you fight and she will seek your support when she is upset and your counsel when she does not know how to handle a conflict with a friend. But what if your teenage daughter startsContinue Reading

Does your daughter’s sense of style offend you?

I hope this photo made you laugh! If not  you may be feeling like this teen and your daughter are sharing tips on rebellion. Sometimes daughters, in an effort to establish themselves as different, begin experimenting with clothes, music, or friendships they know will be met with their mother’s disapproval. Because of this teen developmentalContinue Reading

Creating Emotionally Responsible Exhanges with Your Teen

Mother-daughter conflict

As your daughter becomes a teen, her ability to understand adult concerns and relate with you on a variety of subjects increases. While talking about your experiences of the world can be a very fulfilling way to bond with your daughter, her new ability to relate to you may cause you to falsely conclude thatContinue Reading

Six Signs Of Teenage Drug Use You May Be Missing

Do you ever ask this question? Will my teen abuse or–even worse–become addicted to drugs or alcohol? Be prepared to spot the six signs your teen may be using drugs by listening to the audio discussion below.               Audio of Six Signs Your Teen May Be Using Drugs I recorded this discussion with my colleague,Continue Reading

Teen Stress

Is your teens stressed out? Would you recognize it if she was? Stress is now commonly recognized as one of the leading causes of physical and mental health issues for both adults and teens. For teens, life can be particularly stressful as they figure out how to manage academic expectations, relationships with friends and family,Continue Reading

Honoring Your Teen’s Boundaries


Have you noticed that your teen does not want to share everything about her personal life with you lately? This week, the topic is how to maintain a respectful relationship with your teen by being of aware of your teen’s new found sensitivities to boundaries. Your teen is officially in the stage of  life whereContinue Reading

It’s the Delivery, Not The Message – Part 2

 This week, we continue the conversation about how to develop a respectful response from your teen when setting limits. Does your teen disagree with your expectation that they have to follow your rules because you birthed, raised, and fed them? While I understand the reasoning behind your expectations, most teens do not. Maintaining a relationshipContinue Reading

It’s the Delivery, not the Message, that will determine your relationship with your teen.

Part 1 Parents often share with me that they don’t feel their teen respects them. Really frustrated parents will say, “I don’t know who my teen is. I don’t know where she learned to behave like that.” What I don’t say to those parents right away, but am thinking, is that respect is earned. In otherContinue Reading

Will your teen drink this holiday season?

It’s almost time for Holiday Cheer… While I don’t want to be a downer on this season of celebration, I do think its important to remind everyone that the holidays can be a time of increased alcohol or drug abuse for both adults and teens. The holidays are often stressful for families. Unfortunately, we areContinue Reading