About Josie

Josie 7 (ZF-7749-49080-1-005)

I am dedicated to creating hope and health, and supporting change in the lives of teens and adults through counseling.

I use several proven methods of therapy including Family Systems, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Somatic Psychotherapy and EMDR for trauma and abuse recovery.

When working with teens and families, my approach focuses on the avoidance of blame. Instead, I explore how the whole family is affected by the problems you are experiencing and identify how each member in the family can grow, so that you all can function more harmoniously.

When supporting individuals in healing from traumatic experiences. I use a gentle and client directed approach to support healing at the pace that is best for each individual. Healing from trauma is a very courageous act. Thus I honor any opportunity to support and witness someone thru this journey.

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My Credentials

I have worked for over ten years with Teens and Families and in Trauma Recovery.

In 2005, I received my Master’s of Counseling in Psychology from Sonoma State University in California.

In my twenties, I combined my passions for outdoor adventure and working with teenagers when I served as an outdoor educator while earning my B.A. in Environmental Studies.

My commitment to supporting the potential in every young adult led me to earn my Master’s in Counseling Psychology and, later, to my work as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in both California and Utah.

While training as a therapist I was taught the art of supporting individuals thru the difficult journey of recovering from trauma. Seeing that healing is possible began my commitment to supporting as many people as possible with healing from trauma.

I have also specialized in the teen years and have had the honor of supporting teen girls and their families through major depression, anxiety, trauma, and family conflicts.

The important experience of working with teens suffering from extreme behavioral and mental health issues at in-patient settings has given me the ability to assess severe issues that require more than out patient counseling, alone can provide.

I look forward to meeting you and discovering how I can support you.

If I sound like the right fit for you, contact me for a free thirty-minute consultation.